Janko Dolenc
Janko Dolenc quote

Smell of leather has accompanied me through all my life. And I am lucky to like it. We are a family owned company, where shoe making is turning into tradition. All our footwear is produced in our premises in Slovenia. We employ only qualified and local work force. With specific focus and constant development, we are reaching a trustworthy quality level. Being small sized, we are flexible covering special customer’s needs. We always tend to cooperate only with renowned material producers, which excludes or minimizes possible quality risks.

As a producer primarily focused on protection footwear, we are always searching the demanding niche markets. As a part of a village life, I have always been surrounded by firefighting, actively involved in it for more than 30 years. It all led to a challenge to manufacture highly demanding boots for firefighters. We not only proved that we could make it well, but also managed getting the professionals to choose Brandbull. Success comes when you link enough collected dots together.

We aim to offer only the best for your feet. The satisfaction of growing number of firefighters is confirming our devotion to be justified.

You are welcome to be among them.